Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Ladies I'd like to bang.

So, now I have gone on and on about how what other people think you look doesn't matter I'm going to shamelessly objectify some women. HOW ABOUT THAT. I become slightly frenzied and obsessed when it comes to have girl crushes, I will read, watch and i hale every syllable they have ever uttered. Some people may call this homoerotic, I would agree with them. I'm probably 85% straight under most circumstances, 15% of me would really like to stick it to girl.

Lots of my feelings about these women is I'd either really like to be them, have an aspect of their personality or look like them for a while. This is probably why I am inexplicably attracted to really tall people, I'd quite like to be really really tall.

I haven't just put this list together on a whim though, they come in three categories.

ONE. Just fucking hot. 

Laura Wells. 
I would like her eye brows and her jaw line. That would be fucking sweet.

Tara Gervasi. Well she's spanish and I would like to be exotic and also banging. 

Tara Lynn. You may recognise her from my 'Unhealthy lifestyle' post. I want her hips, my hips are similar but she looks like she has only one pair where as mine split into two for no reason. Also I LOVE HER.

I don't know who she is but I like her bum. 

TWO. Admiration goggles or Women who have sexy minds. 

Caitlin Moran. Who I have met and is basically my massive massive hero. She is sexy and cool and funny and a feminist and I WANT TO BE HER. 
Lena Dunham. And OH MY GOD. I feel a bit like she is me which is absurd because I am not nearly as talented as she is. I can say that I have seen her naked and I find her very sexy. Wit, brilliance and a killer instagram is only a small amount of what she is and all I ever wanted to be. 
Olivia Munn. Well have you seen her?! Also specifically Olivia Munn in Newsroom (to be honest anyone from Newsroom) who is sexy and scary and cares about the economy. 
Sarah Millican. 'I eat what I want and I don't give a shit.' End of. 

THREE. Marriage material. 

Christina Hendricks. She is in all honesty the only woman for me. I love her boobs, her hair, her skin. She loves music and films and she is in all honesty the best bitch on TV. 

So there you go, a brief homosexual escapade into my brain. A special mention goes to Romola Garai because her arse makes me watch stuff I don't understand. 

K x 

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