Monday, 12 November 2012

What you look like, matters. (Originally published Feb 8th 2012)

It matters what you look like. I’m not talking about if you are pretty or you think you’re pretty; for that matter whether you think you’re fat. Or if you are fat, which is almost never the case. But I’ve found that when people say they are worried about the way they look, its that they are worried they don’t look THIN. 

So here is the premise for this Blog. I am not fat but I know a lot of people that would say I am or failing that, if they were my size would call themselves fat. I know every little piece of my body and except for the weird shape my hips make in tight skirts, I bloody love it. This will kind of be a record of me, and how I dress and how I do my make up and how I feel about the way I look, because it does matter. 


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