Monday, 12 November 2012

Why I hate the new Special K advert. (Originally published Sept 3rd 2012)

If you read my post about why girls who are size 16 don’t have obesity caused diabetes you’ll know that I’m not a massive fan of institutionalised diet plans (don’t you think you’ve gotten away with anything Slimming World) but my hatred just flared while I was watching the Paralympics. Now I’m not here watching channel 4 to be angered, I am here to watch a grown man punch another man in the face with his wrist stump, so I wasn’t prepared for Special K telling me ‘not to think about sizes’ but then simultaneously giving me a magical weight loss secret.

Now lets by-pass the fact that you could eat ANY cereal for two meals a day (an average of 110 calories per meal) and on average lose weight. It is very likely that your normal breakfast and lunch are more than that.
So lets get on to this ‘no sizes’ thing. Yes, when you’re thinner you don’t need to worry about sizes as much but you still need to have a size. You either know your measurements (my preferred method) or you know your size, either way you need a number. You need to classify yourself as one thing because otherwise you would forever be buying things not quite your size and you need to have clothes your size because you need clothes. This is a ridiculous ideal to give women, a world where women are no longer defined by size! When it’s not your size or your weight that you are judged by, it is the age old favourite - what you look like. You will judge yourself by what you look like, I judge myself by what I look like and so as long as you’re good with that you don’t need to eat cardboard twice a day. 


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