Sunday, 28 April 2013

Pinafores & trench coats.

I've said this to other people before and they have laughed because they think I'm telling a joke but I'm sick of hiding, sick of pretending. I'm coming out.

Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail is one of my biggest style icons. 

I could talk to you about having hand stitched handkerchiefs, made by your dead mother, is like my ultimate dream but thats another neurosis for another time. I'm here to talk about the clothes. Personally I've already been a fan of the early nineties, when I lived then I wore a corduroy floral waistcoat and skirt set that I properly 100% adored. I wish I still had it. I wish that matching patterned outfits was still a thing.

I want Cathleen Kelly's life. Her apartment, her pyjamas, her beautiful failing children's bookstore.

She is my love of the cardigan/t shirt combo, she is why I think I look good in high waisted trousers. She is the last person under 40 to look chic with that hair. Her mother was enchanting. She has a boyfriend obsessed with type writers. She has the best (BEST) christmas tree in the world. She reads Roald Dahl to children. I wear a black dress with a white shirt under it to work because she did. She was perfect and clean and pretty and so so funny. I'm not entirely sure if she had a personality at any point during the film but she was beautiful. 

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