Monday, 12 November 2012

SAMPLES. (Originally published Feb 23rd 2012)

This is not a lesson how to use your make up, I don’t care about that. Wear eyeshadow on your lips (makes for a nice matte finish) or paint tiny hammers all over your face, go nuts. But it is a lesson on how to buy beauty or in this case not buy, but test. My lesson is, don’t be afraid to ask for a sample. 
I went into my local John Lewis on Tuesday and asked the lovely ladies at the Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown and Chanel counters for samples. I didn’t ask to try anything out, and I didn’t buy anything and THATS OKAY. I’m not going to buy a foundation that costs upward of £25 just on a whim. I always test everything I can before I buy it so I am not disappointed and I don’t waste my money. Currently I am running dangerously low on my bottle of Chanel Vitalumiére (in 10 or ‘Nude’ if you’re interested) and feel like I’m losing an old friend. I’ve had that bottle for two years and its got me through some bad times, like when my forehead got sunburned. So I am in the market for a new foundation and thought I’d try out two I’ve heard a lot about. 

This is the test of my first choice Laura Mercier’s Creme Smooth in ‘Blush Ivory’. Not only was the girl at the counter super nice and able to help me with everything I needed she gave me two very generous samples (images 1 & 2) of the Creme Smooth and the ‘Hydrating Primer’ which I am now seriously considering purchasing next week and I have more than enough of both products to last me until then. 
The primer is fantastic, I don’t think I’ve properly figured out how much I need to use because so far I’ve either used too much or two little but neither of these were a disaster as it blends into your skin ridiculously well and if you use a bit too much it dries relatively quickly so you don’t need to wash it off or anything. The foundation is thicker than what I am used to working with. Vitalumiére is very thin and light courage and this is very different. Its thick but blendable and made to be worked into the skin with your hands. It gives the most natural finish of any foundation I’ve ever used and I know that if I used a bit more on the cheek and forehead I could get a fuller more ‘night time’ look without too much effort and without it looking cakey. 

I think, without even sampling the Chanel Vitalumiére Aqua (my second choice, but the counter didn’t have any samples) I’m going to get this combination but also get a face cleanser because my normal baby wipe routine isn’t getting all of it off. 

My second test has been with the Bobbi Brown ‘Corrector’ in ‘Light Bisque’ . I’m not a fan of a lot of under eye products and this is actually meant to be used with a concealer but after using it for the last couple of days I can tell you that there would be no point in using a concealer. As long as you use a very VERY small amount of the corrector and pat it in very gently, you get a lovely finish that hides any dark circles you have. I also want to purchase this but I feel bad, a bit like I’m cheating on my NARS concealer stick, but it was starting to look a little cakey under my eyes and I don’t like that. 

I would highly recommend trying out these products or any others you are interested in, FOR FREE at your local John Lewis or House of Fraser (or anywhere that has a luxury cosmetics department). If they are unable to give you a sample then please ask if they can do you a colour match as its useful information for the future. It is your right as a consumer to be happy with the product you buy and this is a very easy way to ensure that happiness. 


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