Monday, 12 November 2012

Weight. (Originally published Feb 10th 2012)

I don’t know exactly how much I weigh. I mean I put 14 stone in the name because thats how much I weighed when I was at a friends house and weighed myself on the scales in their bathroom. That was weeks ago though and my body tends to fluctuate. I know my measurements and check them once a week (fluctuation logistics) so I know that if I buy a new piece of clothing, especially if it’s fitted that I’m getting the right size. There again I tend to buy a size up from what I actually am because I’m lazy and obsessed with constantly being comfortable. I am a person who doesn’t put on heels until I am drunk enough to walk in them. 

I only own one pair of heels. 

Bust. 42” Waist. 34” Hips 45”

Thats a big size sixteen but thats thanks to my hips and I draw the line at changing actual bone. I have been a size 12 so I know I can be but I doubt I could be a size 10 if I tried because my body just won’t do that. 
I’m not being preachy when I talk about being happy with my body even though I’m ‘over weight’. If you want to be thin then more power to you as I very rarely ever know what I want. I would say proceed with caution as trying to be thin is addictive; diet books, diet DVDs and Pro Anorexia websites prove that so just be careful. I am scared whenever I tell myself to eat a bit less or to do a bit more exercise as I have to use 2 hands to count the people I know who I would deem and an unhealthy kind of thin. I know that being a size 14 would be easier, I would find clothes I liked more easily and the girls in Topshop wouldn’t look at me like I’ve asked for a dead baby when I ask if they have a dress in a size 16. But its not a goal, I’m not ‘on my way’ to a size 14 as even as I’ve lost inches around my waist for the last couple of weeks I am still a size 16 and thats good. All my clothes still fit and more importantly my bras still fit. After the money I’ve spent in M&S’s lingerie department I would cry if I went up or down from a 36DD. 

I’ve deviated from the point. 

My point is that you should change yourself as many times as you see fit, have a magnificent hat phase or dress up like a dead celebrity everyday for month. I couldn’t give a shit. Be thin, be fat, be anything you want to be, it’s your body. But you don't HAVE to be anything, your possibilities are endless.


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