Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Give it all you've got.

I want you to all listen to the song 'Fat Bottomed Girls' by Queen. Go on, I'll wait here and hen you come back I'll tell you why you need to know and love this song.

Ready? Lets go.

Now superficially it holds obvious brilliance. It is after all a GAY MAN SING ABOUT HOW FAT GIRLS ARE BETTER AT SEX. This song was released 12 years before I was born and yet some how was written for me. You should all have a power song, a song that when you listen to it expands in your veins like fire. It should push all of your brilliance and gorgeousness in to your blood stream and make you feel like you could punch someone twice your size in the face. Fat Bottomed Girls is my power song. It makes me want to run and smile and kiss boys.

There is a girl that I thought I was very good friends with who I no longer speak to. This isn't about her because if it was I would be forced to speak to her again and I feel like that would be a step backwards. But once when her boyfriend was drunk he sang Fat Bottomed Girls to her. I would like to make it clear that if a boy sang FBG to me, he might as well be undressing as he does so because otherwise I will fuck him through his clothes. She did not take so kindly to it. She was angry for days afterward. She, a lot like a lot of other not fat girls, thought she was fat. This intern angered me because instead of seeing that her boyfriend was singing about about girls who are good at sex to her, she was seeing him singing how repulsive she was. She was not repulsive, she remains someone with a gorgeous face and fantastic body that was made for eye liner and little black skirts, her boyfriend didn't think she was repulsive and one would assume still doesn't as they are still together.

This is now getting into my issues about people with low self esteem, ie. I don't like it. We'll move on.

And yes this is just a blog about a song but it is also a blog about how there are things outside of yourself like Art (Greyson Perry, Pre Raphelites, Alan Moore, Tab Kimpton), TV (The Hour, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Twin Peaks, Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle), Film (Caberet, Caramel, Perks of Being a Wallflower, I Love You Phillip Morris, To Wong Foo, thanks for everything, Julie Newmar) and Music (Queen, Florence & The Machine, First Aid Kit, Mumford & Sons) they can make you strong. They can make you feel better about yourself even for 30 seconds, 3 minutes, 90 minutes it doesn't matter if it makes you strong or happy or even just ok.

K x

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