Saturday, 22 December 2012

I have had 5 Gin & Tonics so lets see how this goes shall we?

I don't think I am cut out to be a hipster.

I have been called a hipster on regular occasions and I'll readily admit that I outwardly show all the signs. Doc Martens and vintage cardigans, I might swell have it written on my forehead but I think at the end of the day I don't hate enough stuff. When I was at school, well at my school, you were either a chav or an emo or thats it what its seemed like at the time. I don't think I could have ever been a chav as you had to completely change the way you spoke and I'm just not that good of an actress. I chose Emo and I mean CHOSE. I had the fringe, the hoodies, the children's jewellery, the children's umbrella and backpack. I was there, I went for it. At the end of the day I would kill for a clique to fit into, I would like a label that I could rely on to make decisions for me and to specify my taste. Which I think is why I play up to the 'I'm posh' thing, at least no-one is ever expecting anything else of me. I don't have to have a layered personality.

So although I like stuff that some people don't, that some people might never have heard off. I'm very sure thats true of some others as well. Like when my friend asked me if I knew what a band was. I think its was 'Chasing Status', 'Chase & Status' or 'Chase 'n' Status' but its very likely thats it is not either. But I hadn't heard of them and there are quite a few people on my iPod that he won't have heard of either. None of this means that one of tastes is bad or wrong, it just is. That is not the mentality of the hipster, the mentality is that if you agree with even one tiny thing of someone that might own a Olly Murs album that you are instantly and categorically incorrect. I find that very hard. I agree with loads of things that complete and total idiots have said and I disagree with people that I love whole heartedly but I don't think I could disapprove of them for doing so.

If I was more hard line about what this blog is meant to be about I would probably be vitriolic about diets and stuff. But all I can really muster is anger at an advert for Special K. When people tell me they want to lose weight or they think I hate them because they'd like to be thinner all I can muster is a kind inner monologue about not wanting them to die of malnutrition. I don't disagree with dieting. I have an inherent distaste for it which is somehow inbuilt. I bet if you consume more than a certain amount of Charbonell et Walker truffles you are some how brain washed into and instant hatred of calorie counting. But if you want to be thin, go ahead, me and my blog that really only my best friend sister and the people I work with read isn't going to stop you and I'm not judging you for doing so.

I have rambled and I have to get up for work tomorrow. Besides, I mostly wrote this in my head on the way home from the pub and I'm sure its not one of the better pieces. We can skip this as a blip in my talent.

Also, this is dedicated to Stewart. My friend from work whom I make laugh with this blog. Mainly because this wasn't a funny one.


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