Saturday, 1 December 2012

Lena Dunham and why I want to crawl inside her skin.

This is Lena Dunham. If you've met me in real life or paid any attention whatsoever you will have heard her name and experienced my undying love for her. She is my hipster, feminist, cool, funny, ridiculous, sexy, smart, political, truthful, gory goddess. This is how some people may feel about Lady Gaga or John Lennon. She's my Madonna. I feel like if she started a religion I would join, if she was a Scientologist I would join. Fuck, if she was a mormon I would strive to become her sister wife. I am part of a cult of women under 30 who salute to her and follow her in all she does. I quote her in conversation like I'm bilingual. 

'You chased me like the fucking Beatles for six months, and then when I finally get comfortable with things you wanna shrug?' 

'Forget all the BBC you watch alone with your cats and come back in an appropriate outfit.' 

'She did everything right, including getting her boyfriend to kill himself.' 

'You are from New York, therefore you're just naturally interesting.'

'I can't take a serious naked picture of myself. That's just not who I am.'

All of these could easily apply to how I feel about myself, others, everything. She writes what absolutely everyone has thought at some point but she's not trying to. She's just describing how it is to be a girl in your twenties. One day I will meet her and I will climb inside her skin and feel even a little of the admiration all of us feel for her. 

This is the trailer for the second season of her hit series Girls. I've watch it about 17 times now and every time it gets me more and more excited and in January I will break the law for her with help from EZTV. 

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