Saturday, 6 April 2013

Taylor Swift & why she's the best female role model this generation has.

People talk about Beyonce all the time. I talk about Beyonce all the time. She is strong, maternal, exceptionally talented and of course she'd fucking get it. She is hands down the most influential woman in music at the moment, she is married to the man who has magically turned Justin Timberlake into some sort of legend. He makes Kanye West bare able, he's basically a wizard. She is without a doubt a fantastic role model for women to have. But young women, young girls they're not quite ready for Beyonce yet. They like Rihanna, Little Mix and The Saturdays - they are essentially doomed.

Except for Taylor Swift. She is a shining beacon on no nonsense, self respecting, fun light. She stands amongst women who encourage girls to do anything for their man, who do anything for their man. They take their clothes off for the entertainment of boys who do not like their music, they are marketed as perfect and beautiful, they have DOLLS. Rhianna has a clothing line of mostly crop tops. Taylor Swift writes songs where she obsesses over break ups, talks about how much she loves her friends and most crucially criticises the men who treat her badly. She is constantly under scrutiny about her love life, how many boys she dates and the regularity and the songs she writes about them. These men (because they are men) who work for those magazines and those websites no nothing about being a young woman, they don't know that when you are fifteen you are certifiably crazy. If you were 24/25 and displayed the behaviour of a young teenage girl you would be sectioned immediately. Taylor Swift speaks to girls about self respect and expecting high standards from boys when they need her.

She writes about how you shouldn't take a boy back even when he apologises (Should've Said No), she talks about regretting breaking up with someone (Back to December) and most importantly about men who screw her over (Dear John (Mayor)). She writes what they think and about being strong and not accepting the situation you're given and about fighting for your self esteem.

'If boys don't want bad things to be said about them, they shouldn't do bad things'. THIS IS COMPLETELY TRUE. When she said this in an interview everyone acted like she was cold, a prude or a bitch. But she's is the ultimate role model. She is the anti-Rihanna. She sings about reassurances about bullies (Mean), how important your innocence is (Fifteen), how important having fun is (22) and how fighting for love is important (The Last Time) but people are sometimes beyond fighting for (Never Ever).

She was publicly humiliated by Kanye West in front of the entire world and she said NOTHING. She wrote a song and performed it the next year. Harry Styles dumped her basically through Celebuzz and all she did was perform a few very well timed and worded songs in front of him. She doesn't talk about her personal life in interviews, she doesn't stage paparazzi shoots and she doesn't take any shit from any body.

I want my kid to learn lessons from Taylor Swift like I learnt from The Spice Girls, I will sit them down and make them listen to every album and explain that every lesson of growing up is in those songs. They will thank me and carry on as a san and rational human being. Until their 15 and they'll get crazy for a bit but then Taylor's there for them again with Everything Has Changed, I Heart ?, The Sparks Fly, Picture To Burn, White Horse, Better Than Revenge, Haunted and The Way I Loved You.


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