Sunday, 30 December 2012

Everyone please meet, THE DRESS.

I am a Woman is this dress. I feel like a 14 year old girl a lot of the time but in this dress I am in no doubt of my womanly ways. I am not just sexy in this dress, I am Joan from Mad Men in this dress. I walk with my hips, quickly like a secretary in the 1950s. A SEX-CRATARY. I am Belle from The Hour in this dress. I am strong and beautiful and brilliant and clever and witty and flirty and just everything I want to be. I never knew why people would buy expensive clothes for work but now I do. This dress makes me better at work, it makes me better at being me. I am the best me in this dress. This is why fancy prostitutes are fancy, if I wore this dress while having sex there would be statues built in honour of how good I would be. I am the ultimate about what this blog is about while wearing this dress. 

I am a strong and independent woman who doesn't need anyone but also properly fucking gorgeous. 


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