Wednesday, 23 January 2013

I will always want more stuff.

I hate how greedy I am. I mean, I'm sure I'm no more of an avid consumer than any other girl of my generation but a lot of the time I feel like I might want stuff a whole lot more. I want more skirts, more perfume, more handbags and if you've ever spoken to me for more than a cumulative half an hour you'll know that I pretty much want every jumper that I have ever seen. I want every black liquid eye liner and all of the Diptyque candles. I've been brought up in a society where every six months or so there is a new 'thing'. In chronological order; Pokemon cards, aliens, gel pens, scented gel pens or 'smelly pens', quicksilver backpacks, neat handwriting, ghds and everyone's favourite a boyfriend.

I think this mentality has resonated in shopping websites having wish lists. I have several. Its a way of buying things without money, a way of saving yourself from a crippling Paypal debt or your bank calling you about your overdraft limit. It is possibly my number one 21st century thing. It beats Twitter, BBC iPlayer, HSBC Fast Balance, Tune In Radio, affordable cashmere and getting 2000 score in Fruit Ninja (thats both true and something I am incredibly proud of).


I have 38 saved items on ASOS and thats after a serious culling so I wasn't ashamed to tell you the number on her. It tends to be around the 50 mark on a day to day basis, its full of stuff I'll never buy, things I will regret buying and things I will love forever. ASOS is where I get pretty much all of my clothes and I'm not ashamed to say that I'm on it daily, twice daily. It's weird obsession with models that are too thin and picking the worst things that River Island will ever sell are just things I learn to live with.

John Lewis.

John Lewis has an added danger element, I work there. I get discount and I get to see it all every day. I know what looks good in real life and what doesn't. I have three separate wish lists on their site because they have a limit which is just NONSENSE. GOD. You should not get a limited set of wishes. So I have Tools, Bits and Threads. I'M SO COOL. Tools tends to be stuff I already have but can't be bothered to go looking for all the time, so it's all Liz Earle, Caudalie and Clinique but every so often I find something I want so bad that it goes on the list so that I can torture myself with how expensive shit you put on your face is. Bits is accessories. It's quite a lot of handbags I can't afford and things I need to make a decision on. Threads is a collection of the best I can find of every new collection from every concession they have, I waste a lot of time just looking at this one. 


This is a place where we can all pretend we can afford something designer. It is where Net-A-Porter sends seasons old bits and pieces to be sold off at cheap(er) prices and you can say to yourself if I saved up £100 a month for 3 months I could afford that handbag, I could. It is basically all handbags here as much as I'd like to say that you can get stuff in over a size 8 on this site, I'd be lying. If you are anything above a M or a 10 its all shoes, bags and bracelets my friends. But hey, 'room for cake' is a perfectly justified reason to buy a handbag you can't afford. 


This place is where all the things you never knew you needed live. You never knew that you wanted that phone case or that toothbrush or those socks. Every minute, weirdly expensive and always in Japan thing you have ever not wanted and not needed but do now are here to whisper to you. This website is all wish list, it is compiled by it's users from other websites and other shops. I don't know if anyone owns it or runs it because as far as I can find it is entirely compiled by the people who use it. Every person I have ever turned to it get addicted to it. 


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