Tuesday, 28 May 2013

I want to talk to you about why my friend hannah is my hero.

She has been telling me for weeks and weeks about how my blog needs more of her and today she proved me why. When I got up and had a text from her this morning, I was half expecting it. I had text her yesterday a picture of some pyjamas that are being sold in Primark at the moment with Moomins all over them, I knew she'd love them. We both love Moomins, scary ginger kid and all. She bought me a Moomin hand mirror that I still use and we both have had to stop ourselves on many occasion from buying plush toys. So I knew I'd get a reply from her, but when I read it I didn't know she would be making me so unbelievably proud.




Firstly, I need to own them. Secondly, look at what I just tweeted x

It lead me to a Facebook post she made this morning, an angry one. It was about a Fan Page called 'Spotted: Sluts in Redditch'. Now lets be honest, its not incredibly hard to see why that would make anyone angry especially as upon further inspection Hannah found that some of the girls are students of hers and therefore minors. It no longer became a Feminist issue, thats a child protection issue. There are no 'she's asking for it' and 'but she obviously wants attention' about it when it comes to sexualising a child on the internet. This has expanded in the last few hours to hr getting calls from Midlands Today and the BBC and her being on TV and the Radio tomorrow, I am inanely proud of her. She is my hero.

If you're readying this and you are from Cannock & Hednesford, Coventry, Erdington, Stratford Upon Avon or Solihull please report this to Facebook, the police and your local government. If you see anymore pages of this kind in your area please let me know and I will add it to the list. Please get this post and Hannah's message out to everyone you know, there are no circumstances in which this behaviour should be tolerated or allowed to continue.



Any other posts found after this was published.

Spotted: Slags in Redditch
Sluts in Redditch & Bromsgrove - proof of pedophilloic content, reported to the police
Spotted: Sluts in Birmingham
Spotted: Middlesbrough
Spotted: Sluts in Kingstanding or Erdington
Spotted: Sluts in Coleshill
Sluts of Shirley/Solihull

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